Cake, cupcake and cookie toppers



If you would like to bake your own cake, cupcakes or cookies, but you want custom made decorations, consider ordering the toppers separately and decorate your own baked goods. You can place the sugar fondant topper on every cake with a flat surface, they stick well on frosted cupcakes, or attach them with a mix of powdered sugar and a few drops of water on cookies. Look here for inspiration or just let me know what you would like. Again, don’t be afraid to ask something new, I love some challenge.

fairy cupcake toppers
Penguin cake topper
Flowers and bees cupcake toppers
Athena cake topper
Hero cupcake toppers
Graduation girl cake topper

One thought on “Cake, cupcake and cookie toppers

  1. Hi

    I am interested in the graduation figure. I think the gown is black. I don’t require a base just the figure. Would this be possible alongside the earth as she graduated in Geography?



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